madcap chic  

As small children, we would carefully perch our dinner plates on Mother’s impromptu crafting surface; the dining room table. She was always making something and her enthusiasm for creating has influenced me greatly. She introduced me to textile and fiber art, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, and folk art. My father is an obsessed antiques collector, who justifies his collecting by making old objects useful in our home, with my mother’s discerning eye.

My foray into the arts began while studying in Georgia, with two nationally-recognized potters, during the late ’80s and early ‘90s, as a new, young wife and mother. After moving to Texas, in 1992, my collecting gene made itself evident. From 1997 until 2002, I owned and operated a cool junk store called ‘Queens’, in which I‘re-purposed’ furniture and made other artful things. From 2002 until present, I have gained a devoted following for my award-winning, artful ‘junk’ as a vendor at Round Top/Warrenton, during Texas Antiques Week.

I have participated in numerous art shows, including the Bath House Cultural Center, the Dallas Business Community Art Show, and local art shows with the Lake Granbury Art Association and the Rio Brazos Art Exhibition

Artist's Statement

I am amused in the metamorphosis of a simple thought, or passing fancy, into an object of art. In keeping with a long lineage of artists, junkers, and shopkeepers, I have honed my skills as a mindful-hoarder. Guided by the make-believe audience in my studio, I use my sensitivity, insight, and ingenuity to give discarded bits and pieces of everyday life a new beginning.